Another analogy to the Knowles comment is to Vladimir Putin whose war he justifies by denying the existence of the Ukrainian nation, just as Knowles denies the existence of the transgender category.

Beware of those who deny your existence.

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Wow. So well said. It's come up here before, but this post has clearly not gone through an editor, and in this case, I found it a strength. The topic is also not super typical for you. So, to me - this feels like something you typed out angrily on your keyboard after ruminating on it for quite a while. It comes from your heart and from your viewpoint as a citizen, as much as from your work.

You make excellent, cogent arguments that completely echo my own frustrations - these assholes are playing with fire, like teenage anarchists who have not truly gamed out the ending of their "own the libs" tactics. Reading this, I just hope that the Dominion lawsuit proceeds with some haste and puts the fear of money loss into enough of the people profiting off of this propaganda to maybe lower the temperature of the more widely distributed "news' sources. I think every day about how I'd have to adjust my life to join front line fighting of these Nazis if we can't stop this by voting and persuasion.

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Thank you, and thank you especially for your analysis of Knowles’ rhetoric. I always love your work!

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