This week’s roundup comes to you in three parts. First up, some housekeeping and personal news: First, I’m hoping to start a regular mailbag feature here. So AMA. Send me your questions about my work, the issues I cover, stuff I like, stuff you’ve read here, recommendations. Have…
Rather than defend an indefensible murder, right-wing pundits have latched on to a narrative that's somehow even more appalling
Police seem to be heroically rescuing baby ducks . . . pretty much everywhere
More evidence that our courts have failed to protect the Fourth Amendment
Here’s your roundup of criminal justice and civil liberties stories: Pittsburgh police chief says officers will continue to make trivial traffic stops…
His attack on a fellow justice wasn't just ugly and unprofessional, it calls into question his impartiality and fitness to serve on the court
Part two of a wide-ranging interview with longtime defense investigator Andrew Sowards
Part one of a freewheeling interview with Andrew Sowards, a recently retired, longtime defense investigator who worked on death penalty cases
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