Some programming notes: — I’ve had some unanticipated delays, but I’m still working on my deep dive into ballistics matching. Hoping to publish next week! — As always, feel free to send your questions for the next reader mail post. On to this week’s roundup:
The right-wing media despises its own supporters. That's dangerous for all of us.
First, a couple housekeeping items: The first reader mail post was very well-received, so I’ll plan to do them more regularly going forward. Feel free…
In my last roundup, I asked you to send me your questions. So here they are — with my answers. What TV shows or movies have done the most damage to how…
This week’s roundup comes to you in three parts. First up, some housekeeping and personal news: First, I’m hoping to start a regular mailbag feature…
Rather than defend an indefensible murder, right-wing pundits have latched on to a narrative that's somehow even more appalling
Police seem to be heroically rescuing baby ducks . . . pretty much everywhere
More evidence that our courts have failed to protect the Fourth Amendment
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